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The text below shows a statement of your rights and responsibilities as a user.
Application "My Top Fans" is given to the user as a completely free service.

Our commitment

Application "My Top Fans" states that will make its utmost effort to provide quality service to its users always bearing in mind the satisfaction of them. It will never share information about you without your explicit consent to anyone.

Your commitment

By accessing or using the application "My Top Fans", its services or information contained in it, you ("User") acknowledges having read, understood and accepted under these Terms and Conditions of Use. "My Top Fans" reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove, at its sole option, any part or all of the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


"My Top Fans" is not liable in any way by use of the content or information created or published by the User, by third parties or the site itself. Neither represent or warrant that "My Top Fans", its services or information on this application reliable, current or error free. "My Top Fans", it's partners, owners, employees, individuals and organizations related to their operation, shall not be liable for errors in the information provided on the application or the results of the actions that the user performs with such information.

"My Top Fans" reserves the right to suspend access to the application, delete your profile and / or any content or information you publish or you've generated by this (including user data, images, content, friends and everything else) as well as cancel, ban the entry or use of the application, with or without notice or reason necessary in its sole election.

Sometimes the application may be down or temporarily unavailable for maintenance or any other cause. "My Top Fans" is not liable for any damages, losses to the content or the User nor damages, losses resulting from the use of the application or inactivity of it, as well as is not liable for the result of interaction among users.

About the User

As a user you agree to use and access "My Top Fans" and make use of the Services as provided by the laws of your country, morality and decency, and not to use the means of "My Top Fans" or information provided for illicit purposes and / or harmful, disruptive or offensive to others.

The user is fully responsible for the photos, profiles (including name, image and representation of the person), content, messages, notes, text and any type of content that you upload, post or display on the application, or to forward and / or share other users.

No content or images may be published for profit, whether the unsolicited advertising containing references to commercial websites, companies, tour guides and other services


Your privacy is very important to us and we do not collect any personal information.

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